Why Branding is more effective as a sales generate than

Why Branding is more effective as a sales generator than telemarketing

Establishing a trusted and distinctive brand is a far better way to reach potential customers, as well as retaining the ones you already have, than simply paying a tele-marketing firm to ring around numerous ‘cold prospects’.

Branding isn’t about achieving one-off quick sales but it focuses on winning the ‘hearts and minds’ of your prospective customers so that they keep coming back for more. We encourage all our clients across Glasgow, Edinburgh and Manchester to make sure a long-term branding and marketing strategy is adopted and implemented.

What is a strong brand?

A strong brand is ensuring that your company manages to elicit certain favourable emotional responses from your clients or customers. It also makes them feel a part of your company in some way by establishing a ‘connection’ with them.

Your customer will see your logo, website and all other customer facing communications as visually appealing and instantly recognisable. A good example is the sports brand Nike which is seen as a trusted company producing quality sporting footwear and garments which people want to be seen in and associated with. There is credibility in wearing Nike gear while the logo itself needs no explanation – most people are familiar with the clever Nike tick (a sign of approval).

Why does branding work?

Well, in addition to the reasons above, a client who receives a good service and feels as if they’ve been appreciated by your company is going to think favourably about you.

This means they’ll hopefully return and purchase more goods or services in the future (customer loyalty). At the same time they’ll probably do some word-of-mouth advertising for you i.e. they’ll tell their friends/family/colleagues about that great service you gave them – putting you ahead of your competitors when those same friends and family need a little of what you sell/produce themselves at a later stage.

The basics of branding

There are a few basics that you need to get right and, as branding and marketing consultants, we challenge are clients to consider a couple of key essentials:

1. Get your name right

Does the name of your company instantly let people know what you’re selling or offering as a service? This is especially important if you want to be found on the web these days with the emphasis on SEO where keywords (i.e. words related to your business) are used by search engines such as Google, Bing and Firefox to reveal a list of possible solutions to the person searching for say, a Fit Out Contractor in Glasgow Barbourfitout.co.uk (this gives the name of the company ‘Barbour’ and tells what they provide ‘fit outs’).

2. Identify and know your customers

Do you feel you could connect with your customers, that you understand them and their concerns and, actually, you’re just like them? Then tell them this – do it via your website, blog, packaging, even the products themselves, these are all great advertising mediums.

So what do you believe? Would a long-term persuasive and local campaign aimed at customer loyalty work better than a one-off cold call for your business?

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Vincent Bissette is Managing Director of Darwin Brand Consultants, a Glasgow-based brand and marketing agency with clients in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Manchester