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A Glasgow creative agency that helps you stand out in the marketplace 

Darwin are an experienced creative agency in Glasgow who can design all your online and offline marketing collateral. It’s your marketing materials that allows you to build sales and market share. They can only do that if they differentiate you from your competitors and make you stand out. Convince prospects that simply no other product or service will do. That’s why our aim is to design simply outstanding marketing collateral. We believe that professionally designed marketing materials enhance consumers familiarity and comfort level with your products or services and that makes them far more likely to purchase.

Selecting a creative agency in Glasgow who can increase your sales, profits and market share is not easy 

If you are looking to sell more products or services, increase your share of the market, grow your business or even sell your business, then first and foremost your potential customers need to know that you exist. That’s brand awareness. But just knowing about you is not enough. You have to put the information they will need in front of them that allows them to make an informed buying decision. Unless of course they’re psychic. Everyone else has to rely on marketing collateral. And that’s where your logo, business cards, website, social media channels, brochures, leaflets, advertising, packaging, signage, promotional campaigns, exhibition graphics, letterheads, point of sale, vehicle livery, promotional videos, direct mail, interior graphics and staff uniforms come in.

Darwin is a creative agency in Glasgow who can help you grow your business, by building a powerful brand

But you cant build brand awareness without first building a strong brand identity. Your Brand identity is the overall combination of all marketing collateral that your company has. A combination of some or even all of the items mentioned above. It’s often your brand identity or visual image that determines the first impression consumers have of your business. It speaks before mouths are opened, or hands extended. So ideally your Brand Identity should epitomize everything you stand for, what sets you apart and ultimately portray the right image.

A crucial part of building your brand identity is understanding where your brand (product or service) sits in the mind of your consumers. Is it inexpensive or premium, established or new, utilitarian or luxurious, entry-level or high-end, safe or adventurous. The list goes on. That’s brand positioning.

Do you need a creative agency in Glasgow who can put in place a unified, consistent approach to design, branding and marketing? 

Your Brand Identity should create a positive perception of your company that’s recognisable and consistent across all marketing channels in order to maximise its positive effect. That’s where you brand guidelines come in. Brand guidelines help promote and maintain your visual identity, ensuring it is displayed consistently in terms of design, tone of voice and message across all printed and electronic media. Its this consistency that helps you become more visible and attractive to your customers. That’s brand recognition.

A Glasgow creative agency who can design all your sales and marketing materials

As a Glasgow creative agency, Darwin can design essentially any part of your organisation that comes into contact with your marketplace. From a simple refresh of your current logo right through to a complete rebrand and even renaming if it’s required. We are passionate about designing brand identities and marketing materials that inspire change, set you apart and truly connect with your customers.

Choosing a creative agency in Glasgow

When it comes to creative agencies, Glasgow has a few. However, few of them have the experience or ability to brand and rebrand businesses and organisations, systematically, thoroughly and objectively. We have extensive experience in rebranding organisations and can guide and advise you through the whole process, from conducting an initial brand audit, putting in place a complete brand strategy to implementing a full roll out of the rebrand, designing and producing every single aspect of it. We’ll even help you with creating a new name if that’s what’s required.

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