THE BIJOU WINE CO - Branding, Design and Marketing


Who be Bijou?

Bijou is a specialist pop up wine bar company offering exceptional wines, served from a horsebox or rustic wooden bars. Yes, a horsebox. The horse was decanted to pastures new and the box is now a beautifully finished and fully functional bar.

In the words of effervescent MD Gillian Snowden, the Bijou aim is to revolutionise the choice of wines offered at cultural, sporting and music events throughout Britain, and to serve those wines in a unique and characterful way. Team Bijou are passionate about helping private celebrations and corporate functions to stand out from the crowd.

What was the brief?

“The business was completely new, so for our logo and corporate identity, the canvas was blank, absolutely nothing other than what we do and how we wanted to set about it,” said Snowden. “A friend at a networking event had met Vincent Bissette and recommended Darwin Branding to me. You might say we met through word of mouth, which is the only way to do it when you’re a drinks company!”

“I knew that Darwin would be right for the job as soon as Vincent openly announced that the whole idea was crazy … and still went ahead and did the work. That’s very Bijou.”


What happened?

“Our two companies were comfortable working together. I liked the fact that Darwin took us seriously and invested a lot of time in listening to us, asking questions, talking with us and looking into every aspect of the business, not just settling for quick answers. Darwin made everything line up, into a complete, consistently strong brand.”

“Vincent and Suzie were always there for us, and took a genuine interest in the business. I had to spend time abroad at one stage, and Darwin looked after the livery design of the horse box as if it were their own.”

“The result is a logo and corporate brand identity we’re extremely proud of, and it has gone down a storm, getting commented on all the time, from handing over the business cards, our on-location banners, even the stickers we apply to boxes.”


“The design is simple, and all the more effective for that, I believe. It reflects the vibrancy of Bijou – we’re party people, after all. The ID has definitely given us an innovative edge in that it is seen as possessing femininity, particularly in its colours, which sets us apart in a male dominated industry. The design palette is flexible too – we can change the colours to suit weddings, for instance, or whisky companies.”

That’s the Bijou brand story. Now, what’s yours?