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Sutton Group

Who are they? Sutton Group Limited is a Building Services Commissioning and Property Maintenance business specialising in Commissioning Management and Facilities Maintenance activities through their operating companies, Sutton Services International Limited and Sutton Maintenance Limited.

The Sutton Group was established in 1978, and has grown as a company and now operate in Europe and the Middle East as well as the whole of the UK.

Over 200 staff are employed by Sutton Group through their regional offices in London, Luton, Manchester, Newcastle and Glasgow and the Group’s international base in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

What was the task?

The brief to Darwin was to raise the company profile and draw together its various operating divisions – Facilities Management, Commissioning CxA and Services International –to unite them under one cohesive banner.

How did Darwin unlock the problem?

The result was a globe composed of three distinct strands combining to complete a single picture, each strand representing a division of the business.

The objectives of the project were twofold. First, we had to simplify the naming of the divisions whilst retaining a coherent and obvious group structure.

Second, we had to develop and implement a design solution that consistently brands the group and each of its divisions, with their new names.

“We commissioned Darwin Brand Consultants in 2010 to rebrand our organisation in a way that represented our values and vision in a memorable way. What they produced is still as fresh today and representable as in 2010. We adopted their strict control methods set out in the brand identity guidelines manual in reproducing our logo on stationery, vehicles, signage etc rather than different suppliers producing their own version, which maintained a control of quality. We are now going through a restructuring of the business and continue to have Darwin involved with our brand image.”