Stage 1 | Brand Audit - Branding, Design and Marketing

Stage 1 Brand Audit

Darwin’s experience in generating completely new brand identities and implementing them with full rollouts and the creation of brand guidelines and style guides puts us in a position to be able to offer a unique service. A Brand Audit.

The purpose of this audit is to establish a clear overview of your current strategy, something that can be done best by a company outside the organisation. Our first priority is always to understand an organisation – its mission, vision and values. Its target markets, corporate culture, competitive advantage, strengths and weaknesses, marketing strategies and challenges for the future. More than that we want to know about your customers. The more we understand them, their wants, needs and desires, the clearer and more accurate we can make any communication with them. Too many advisers will take the easy route and be polite, or lazy, or short-sighted and just tell you what you’re doing right (even when you could be doing it better): it’s what you’re not doing so well that you really need to know about.

The audit is based on the principle of ‘touch points’: any time your company interacts with the outside world is an opportunity to make a good impression and build your brand, awareness, image and profile. However, it can, and frequently does, achieve the opposite. It’s hard for business owners to identify just exactly what they are communicating across all their touch points with their stakeholders, clients, prospects and any other interested parties such as influencers and exactly what they might need from us. They are also probably too close to their own business to be truly objective. That’s not uncommon. The importance of delivering a consistent and clear brand identity and communications cannot be overlooked. Even internally if your staff feel part of a coherent team, with a unified look and feel, it will contribute to a professional working environment from which your customers will benefit.

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The audit itself will involve a visit to your premises where we will conduct interviews with all key members of your management team. We will also require a complete set of company documentation at this meeting, from business cards through to stationery, adverts and brochures. Essentially any part of your company that comes into contact with your prospects and customers.

After this initial visit we would then conduct our own independent research, then compile the results and present you with a written report which will cover areas including:

> Strategic Objectives
> The Market
> Core Values
> Key Messages
> Unique Selling Propositions
> Brand Positioning
> Competitive Landscape
> Opportunities
> Threats

> Brand Identity
> Application of Identity
> Stationery
> Brochures
> Advertising
> Signage
> Vehicles
> Uniforms
> Exhibition Material

> Promotional Items
> Website
> Social Media
> Newsletters
> Packaging

The end result is an invaluable document. It will contain sound business thinking based on strategic goals which can act as a plan for the growth and maintenance of the whole brand identity, and can highlight unnoticed areas which may not be just underachieving, but actually harming your business. We see precisely what you are communicating, to whom, where and when. We clearly define your key messages and unique selling propositions and establish if these are currently being communicated. We would investigate your market, target audience and competitive landscape. Only by doing this can we establish if your brand is communicating the right message and where improvement is needed. Contact us to find out more


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