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Scottish Leaders

What was the brief?

A logo was required that would evoke feelings of professionalism at a world-class level, here in Scotland, among companies with national and even global ambitions.

The principal targets were CEOs and MDs, and Darwin had to convey that Scottish Leaders’ qualities, primarily:

How did Darwin lead the mission?

Scottish Leaders helps individuals and companies become the best they possibly can be. Scottish Leaders helps transform businesses from local to national to global – even if it’s just in their thinking. So Darwin arrived at the idea of Scottish Leaders being an inspirational enabler, expert in taking what is already there and realising its full potential.

The end result was the dynamic image of a globe being assembled, of everything being brought together to complete the package. The use of a spectrum of colour represents the diversity of businesses and business people and the wealth of experience that Scottish Leaders has at its disposal. The dark blue conveys stability and trust.

The tagline tells you exactly what they do.

“When the person you are entrusting your brand development to asks more detailed and challenging questions than you anticipated, you are on to a winner. Vincent asks, listens and then brings you the most thought-out of ideas and solutions that are radical but totally deliverable.”