Donald Ross Residential

Who are they? Established in Ayr in 1980 as a small surveying and estate agency practice, the Donald Ross Estate Agency business earned an outstanding reputation for selling high quality homes before being bought over in 2005. The company continues to grow and under its new name is now Ayrshire’s leading estate agency, with progress being made in rental and letting sectors.

What was the challenge?

The client recognised that the business and the market had matured and it was time to re-examine the entire corporate identity to better reflect the more contemporary, dynamic attitude of today.

It was felt that the established corporate identity was creating misperceptions within the marketplace: it was slowing the company down and did not reflect a forward-thinking business forever trying to offer a better, more innovative service.

However, care had to be taken not to compromise the signature approach of the company, which had earned a strong local reputation for the personal touch as well as open, honest professionalism in every detail.

How did Darwin home in on the solution?

Considerable research confirmed, among many things, that buying or selling a house is an emotional experience, made more so by exceptional practical and financial factors. Additionally, females account for a predominantly high percentage of purchase decisions.

Darwin profiled the client as not simply a franchise or just a local office: Donald Ross Residential offers excellent specialist local knowledge, insights and advice, and the customer experience is to a very, very high standard, driven by the company’s belief in putting the customer first. The Donald Ross Residential approach makes life as easy and stress-free as possible for every customer, who is appreciated as an individual.

The answer that emerged is light, bright and above all passionate. It’s clean-cut, open and wears its heart on its sleeve – refreshing honesty and friendliness are prized assets of Donald Ross Residential. Colours and shapes were chosen to emphasise the energy and positivity that typifies the company, which all help it stand out in an environment that too readily settles for me-too solutions.

“By using the creative talents of Darwin Brand Consultants we now have a brand that lives and breathes our personality and reflects our passionate approach to selling, letting and buying properties. The creative talents adopted and applied by Vincent Bissette and his team at Darwin Brand Consultants have given us a strong, competitive edge that will ultimately benefit our customers.”



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