Barbour Fit Out Specialists

Who are they? Barbour is a family-run firm of fit out specialists established in 1964 and based in Glasgow.

What was the challenge? For years the company was known as a shopfitters but recently it rebranded as ‘Fit Out Specialists’: the term ‘shopfitters’ relates only to one part of the Barbour service and does not cover commercial, public or leisure markets.

Barbour had also decided to focus more on major multiple retailers, especially at the top end of High Street retail, where brand values are extremely influential. Stores in this sector go to great lengths to ensure their brand image is in line with market trends. Consequently, Barbour’s brand image had to express an appropriately sophisticated style, without compromising the company’s own qualities.

With the skills and experience to do far more than fitting out simple counters, shelving and display cabinets, Barbour can readily sustain the claim of being much more than shopfitters. Hence the idea for the 3D circle, revealing both the exterior and interior of the shape, which is a complex form to work with. Only a specialist can succeed in such multifacted projects.

How did Darwin measure up?

The classic authority of the strong circle conveys the established Barbour values of reliability, safety, quality, clarity, integrity and honesty. It is a timeless symbol of longevity: it says, “We have been here for a long time and we will still be here tomorrow.”

“Barbour Fit Out Specialists is family business in its 50th Anniversary year. Darwin Brand Consultants were instrumental in our recent rebrand in 2013 and an integral part of our anniversary marketing campaign. We have a new logo, a new website, a new blog, new stationery, new vehicle livery and now operate on all the social media platforms. We have worked with Darwin for over 15 years and Vincent and the team are always available, easy to work with and keep our marketing and brand relevant and fresh.”