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A Graphic Designer in Glasgow with 30 years worth of experience and knowledge

Working as a graphic designer in Glasgow for over 30 years, there’s not much I haven’t designed. My philosophy is, ‘if it moves, brand it’. In fact, ‘if it doesn’t move’, brand it!

So if you’re looking for graphic design and branding inspiration, then look no further than the examples below, where you will find graphic design, branding and rebranding solutions for our clients over the last 24 years.

Of course this is not our entire graphic design portfolio, we can but show a small selection of our work here, but it should give you a good understanding of what we are capable of. Since I started out as graphic designer in Glasgow in 1987, I worked for various design agencies in Glasgow working on such client accounts as: Stakis Hotels, Scottish Nuclear, Whyte & Mackay, The Dalmore Single Malt, Jim Beam Bourbon, Wyborowa Vodka, The Glasgow Development Agency and Honeywell amongst others, before establishing my very own Glasgow design agency in 1994.

The projects may vary in terms of size and scope, but our principles, and how we apply them, remain constant. If, after browsing through the examples below you would like to see further a more in-depth analysis of the brand solutions we have created, then you can read a branding case study here.