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Darwin is structured to minimise client expense and maximise agility, and for that reason we don’t have full-time designers, programmers, sales execs or creative directors. When the job dictates, we collaborate with professionals in the appropriate disciplines, whether it is copywriters or photographers, PR people or internet marketers or interior designers. Savings are relayed to clients, enabling Darwin to offer outstanding value for money.

What is marketing?

Marketing is a way to raise awareness of your business in a chosen marketplace, and place your business’s name, products, services and offers in front of customers or decision-makers you wish to influence in your favour. It sounds simple and sometimes it is, but in Darwin’s experience, proven marketing expertise is a valuable asset.

What does marketing include?

Marketing can comprise advertising and promotional campaigns in any of its many forms in any combination, across social media, tv, radio, web banners, eshots, cinema, outdoor posters, point of sale, PR, doorstep leaflets, promotional work on packaging, so-called guerrilla or ambient marketing, and even sandwich boards if that’s what is most effective.

How does marketing work?

Marketing works by placing the right message in the right place at the right time in front of the right people, and motivating them to buy your product or get in touch with you. Preferably immediately, but expert marketing campaigns also function long-term.

What does marketing do?

Effective marketing will:








Why use a Marketing Agency?

Here’s why. Your product and service are good, right? Maybe even fantastic. But so are several other companies’ products and services in direct competition with yours. In fact, some of theirs are better than yours. Some other products aren’t even as good as yours and they are outselling you with inferior quality goods and service.

How do you get your nose in front, where you belong, and persuade more people to buy more of your products instead of theirs? That is where a good marketing agency comes in and makes the vital, profitable difference by raising awareness of what you do, and persuading people that yours are the services or products they should know more about and buy into.

What kind of marketing works best?

So, the answer to your problems in many instances lies in marketing. But what form should your marketing take? Should it be bold, brash marketing or subtle, seductive marketing? Wing-and-a-prayer, seat-of-the-pants marketing or solutions from a professional marketing agency?

What does a Marketing Agency do?

A Marketing Agency works with a business to help ensure that the business’s communication aims are met, be they short-term tactical targets or longer term and broader strategic goals. Employing a Marketing Agency usually injects objectivity and experience in a variety of approaches to specific challenges, whether corporate or commercial.

An affordable marketing agency can make a valuable difference

Marketing management is often the sole differentiator between otherwise identical services and goods. Is it worth it? Major motor manufacturers have estimated that brand image can be worth up to 10% extra on the price they can charge. Supermarkets would love to sell only their own-brand products, but they can’t: certain flagship brands exert such a hold over personal preferences that they cannot be de-listed. That could be something to do with quality … or is it just perceived quality? Is it just marketing techniques that keeps customers plucking particular brands off the shelves?

Fortunately you don’t need megabucks to out-think the opposition and enhance your brand identity into the bargain. Marketing procedures are well established, as any professional marketing consultant (such as Darwin) will tell you.

Tactical marketing can be treated as an emergency fire-fighting exercise, short-term opportunism, a temporary fix, or – much more effectively and efficiently in the long run – as a potent element within a comprehensively strong brand strategy.

Powerful marketing enables professional businesses

If a marketing agency is to truly empower your business, then it is best to encourage them to take a cool, hard look at your entire corporate branding set-up. (You do have a brand image: possibly not the one you think you have, but it exists nonetheless.)

What’s the difference between a Marketing Agency and a Creative Marketing Agency?

At Darwin, we like to think of ourselves as a creative marketing agency because we offer far more than simply marketing – we have a long track record of productive, compelling design and branding work. To our mind, a creative Marketing Agency is one that can interpret a business’s marketing brief in positive ways that provide imaginative – sometimes unexpected – ways forward.

A creative marketing agency is prepared to adapt a brief and make fresh proposals rather than slavishly following a prescribed route.

How do you choose the right marketing agency?

There is an abundance of choice out there when it comes to hiring a Marketing Agency. You could hire a marketing consultant, a freelance marketing consultant, a small business marketing consultant or even larger marketing consulting firms. A good rule of thumb might be to select a Marketing Agency based on its recent experience – have they worked on accounts similar to yours, or on markets you’d like to break into? If they possess experience in your industry, then that’s all well and good, but what about a fresh perspective? That’s sometimes difficult to achieve when you come to the table with previous experience and, dare we say it, baggage. A completely new approach can often open up unexpected creative marketing solutions.

If you are making a marketing agency shortlist, check out the people involved in driving the various departments and areas of expertise, such as graphic design, packaging, social media, copywriting, broadcast media … this should help you create a more refined list. Also, find out who will be dealing with your project specifically. Will it be a more junior, inexperienced member of staff or senior management? Darwin is a small consultancy which means you deal directly with either

Vincent or Suzie Bissette, the Owner-Directors of the business, with no account handlers or sales people between you and the know-how. It’s a stripped-down business model that a lot of clients like because of its sheer efficiency.

There are other practicalities such as where the marketing agency is based – Darwin is a creative marketing agency in Glasgow, but we have clients throughout the UK, and modern technology makes it easy to do marketing creatively for clients almost anywhere, locally, nationally and internationally.

So if you’re looking for a Marketing Agency who can do more than marketing then put Darwin on your contact list. We can successfully mix marketing, branding and design and arm you with a more comprehensive, coherent and co-ordinated way forward.

What’s the difference between a marketing agency, marketing consultant, freelance marketing consultant, small business marketing consultant and marketing consulting firms?

Essentially they will all offer more or less the same services, but differences emerge in specific skillsets and of course in how much they prefer to be paid. It is nowadays possible to find marketing professionals who match your particular needs very closely. Some will be highly specialised in getting the best from niche markets and media, and some will be generalists.

Our advice is try to be clear on your aims, be as candid as possible about your expectations, your budget and your limitations, and above all be open minded about solutions put before you. Originality can be a mystifying, exciting and even scary prospect – after all, an original idea has never been seen before: how do you judge it? Or you could play safe and go with something a bit like something else you’ve seen before … but is ‘safe’ really safe?

Freelance marketing consultant versus marketing agency

An expert freelance marketing consultant can accelerate your progress towards more effective marketing and repay your investment faster. You’ll directly access professional marketing insights and equip your business with a broader armoury of skills. In another plus, a freelance marketing consultant will almost always cost significantly less than a marketing agency.

While a Marketing Agency will give you all of the above, it will also have more personnel, more specialised talent and possibly more offices to deal with your projects … but you may not always get direct access to the top talent within the organisation and you might find yourself dealing instead with more junior members of the team.  You may be able to draw on an agency’s ‘economies of scale’ if they are buying external services on your behalf, such as media slots, printing, copywriting or photography … conversely, an agency’s charges have to reflect overheads such as rent, rates, payroll and more, and these things can make costs uneconomic.

In an ideal world you would want the wealth of experience and service of a full-service Marketing Agency, and deal with the directors directly, whilst paying the fees of a freelance marketing consultant. That’s where Darwin come in. We can offer you immense experience, creative talent, direct access to the directors and their full attention, allied to costs made more affordable by low overheads.

Ideally you will strengthen your complete brand presence, across strategy, mission, benefits, personality and more. (We could go on, but to get to grips with your specific branding solutions, find out about DARWIN’S BRAND AUDIT, HERE >>>.

How much will a marketing agency or marketing consultant cost?

Well, that’s a difficult question to answer outright as it depends on which ‘league’ of agencies you’re talking about. The big, global marketing agencies with offices in say London and New York will probably set you back on average, £1000 – £1200 per day, per person (based on an 7.5 hr day). These are the guys playing in the Premiership.

If you drop down a league (The Championship) to the local agencies then expect to pay £600-£900 per day per person.

If you drop down again (to League One) where you’ll be working with a freelance marketing consultant and typically paying £350-£650 per day per person.

Costs can vary radically depending on geography, your plans, on marketing agencies’ abilities and specialisms, and on whether the marketing consultancy, say, is focussing experienced personnel on your project. Make it clear what is being asked for and the marketing agent and marketing consultant fees will usually be well defined. What is the value of marketing ideas? Do you see extra worth in marketing proposals put before you? These are difficult questions to answer, prone to subjectivity – the more conversation with marketing specialists the better (and you’ll gain insights into whether you can work successfully with the people involved – see section on hiring a Marketing Agency).

How much do marketing companies in Glasgow cost compared with London?

Well, we can’t speak for every marketing consultant in Glasgow, but we can safely say that in most instances, Glasgow marketing consultants are more affordable than their London equivalents, even when travel expense are taken into consideration. Good ideas don’t care where they come from.

Typically geographical locations will have an impact on cost. It is fair to say the further north you go within the UK the lower the cost – head south and costs tend to get higher. A Marketing Agency based in a big city will probably charge more than one in the outskirts, based on property prices, rent and rates, etc.

The only way to really find out is to ask us to cost a job and compare like for like with a London agency, but from experience we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Having your project resolved in a Glasgow marketing consultancy can make your budget go much further.

Creating awesome marketing with a Glasgow-based marketing agency

Whilst Darwin is a marketing agency based in Glasgow, we service clients the length and breadth of the UK, as our case studies and portfolio demonstrate. We are also more than experienced and flexible enough to overcome local and regional demands: we pride ourselves on our inter-personal skills. Phone us and we’ll prove it.

For marketing companies Glasgow is a well-established source

For anyone seeking professional marketing agencies Glasgow is a good place to look – the city’s rich heritage in commerce, retail, manufacturing, broadcasting, world-class universities, art and design sees to that, and Darwin draws on experience in all these fields to offer immense expertise across the whole marketing spectrum.

In the world of creative marketing Glasgow is an acknowledged, successful blend of exciting new ideas, and good old, clear-headed salesmanship.

As a marketing agency Glasgow can be proud of, Darwin is one of the city’s most dynamic, reliable and imaginative practitioners.

How to hire a marketing agency

There’s a number of things you can do to ensure you hire the best Marketing Agency (‘best’ = right for you). You can look at websites and in particular case studies. Study the standard and quality of the work, not to mention the results. Do they have testimonials from real people?

Ultimately you have to meet them face to face and stare into the whites of their eyes. Is there chemistry? Are they the right fit? Can you get on with each other? Is their coffee any good? Our coffee is fantastic.

How would Darwin manage marketing for you?

At Darwin, with over 30 years’ marketing consultancy experience under our belt, working with businesses large and small, local and national, retail and B2B, we have dissected creative marketing to the Nth degree and found certain recurring key factors in achieving marketing aims. We can put any and all of our knowledge to work for you, tailored along almost any mutually beneficial lines, designed to suit your needs.

A look through the DARWIN CASE STUDIES >>> can provide more stimulus, and reveal how the Darwin approach to effective marketing has helped successfully resolve a variety of challenges.

Small but perfectly formed – that’s Darwin, the right-size marketing agency who can help your business evolve, big time

Darwin can fulfil all of the above criteria because we are neither an out-and-out freelance marketing consultant nor a large marketing agency with prohibitive overheads: we are somewhere in between. We are flexible so you enjoy the best of both worlds.

We are a small marketing agency with 30 years’ experience to add to yours. There’s not much we haven’t done in that time; we keep overheads down so are very cost effective which can help your budget stretch further. We don’t just do marketing either – we combine it seamlessly with branding and design to assist in implementing the full campaign, making it as cohesive, consistent and potent as possible.