LINIAN FIRE CLIP - Branding, Design and Marketing


Who are they?

The Linian Fire Clip is the super-fast, super safe new way of fixing cables to construction materials. Created from years in development by a seasoned industry professional in Glasgow, the Linian Fire Clip represents a massive upgrade in fire clip design, with serious advantages in efficiency, safety and value for money.

What was the brief?

The product is a game changer with exceptional benefits – such as being 70% faster to install than ordinary fire clips, and having a 950o melting point – but the corporate identity, tagline and branding didn’t reflect the directors’ vision of a world-class product that would be recognisable the world over.

What happened?

To find someone who could help hone the branding aspect of the business, Linian turned to a time-honoured method: Google. Up came Darwin’s name, and the Linian team recalled branding work they’d admired for Linian Fire Clip. Reassured that she wouldn’t be getting her fingers burned, LINIAN Sales and Export Director Lynne Jhangeer called in Vincent Bissette.

“From the start, Darwin impressed us with their professionalism. The depth and quality of the initial research they produced was excellent, and opened our eyes to the marketplace in the round, not just our own set-up. Vincent just got it: he understands what we are about,” said Jhangeer. “He also unpacked everything about the business right back to stage one, so that the new Linian brand is built on genuine, unique elements of the business. Together we simplified things and made the end result stronger. A bit like a Linian Fire Clip, actually!”


“Darwin came up with questions we simply had never thought of, which helped us re-focus and concentrate on what exactly we had to do. That was an important step: at that point we were already selling Linian Fire Clips, getting the business running, and generally handling five million and one things at once. We needed clarity and a plan and Darwin provided both.”

“During the process, Darwin willingly showed us the sort of imagery and wording we wanted to see, and when we asked that they spell things out in terms that could be understood by branding novices, they did that too. So we were always confident about where we were heading.”

Just to turn up the heat, timescales were tight as Linian were launching in new international markets, but Darwin kept the schedules on track, nimbly designing, copywriting and project managing their way to a comprehensive new logo.

“It was a satisfying project in many ways, what with the product being so innovative, plus the excitement was having to respond fast – but then at Darwin we relish working at a fair old clip.”