Is Your Business Getting The Brand Recognition It Deserves?

Is Your Business Getting The Brand Recognition It Deserves?

Having a strong brand identity is at the foundation of getting recognised in any competitive marketplace. No amount of marketing, price-slashing or merchandising will result in consistent results without building a strong brand identity for your business.

As branding and marketing consultants we recognise the need for businesses to have a clear and well defined identity otherwise they will get lost in the crowd and never really achieve what they may hope for.

Impact of the digital revolution

The digital revolution has provided businesses with some excellent opportunities to get much wider exposure to communicate with their customers and prospects. So no matter if you are based in Glasgow, Edinburgh or Manchester the bar has been raised significantly as there are many more businesses you find yourself competing with. Consumers are being targeted by your competition from the next town or city, and if you cannot be seen and heard above the roar of the marketplace then you’ll lose the game.

Without walking their marketing talk, businesses can be ‘found out’ and labelled as being inauthentic.

Businesses who have taken the time to go through the process of defining their brand, are in a stronger position to establish themselves well in the marketplace.  Some of my favourite examples are  Amazon, M&S, John Lewis and IKEA, who are all immediately recognisable and we are all aware of the type of products that they supply.

Brand clarity is essential

It’s not just down to having a large marketing budget either. It’s about gaining clarity about what the business is and what it isn’t. Once that has been determined, then it needs to be instilled in every area of your business – from the way that you greet customers, how you deliver a service, to the method through which you send your mail order items and the packaging that you use. Even the paper that you use on your compliment slips will need to be in line with your branding.

Powerful marketing and brand techniques

The most powerful method of marketing is word of mouth. If a customer enjoys the experience of buying from you then you would expect them to return again. If you do something special for them, they will tell others and your reputation will go before you. Great customer service is a big part of that. Some business experts take this a step further and recommend establishing a referral method of marketing.

Attending trade shows can often help a business immensely. Trade shows are not just somewhere to find new customers but it can also provide an excellent opportunity to network with new contacts who can help you to grow your business and provide further exposure for your brand. Even though it can mean that you need to spend money to attend, it is generally well worth it just as long as you prepare well for it.

Building relationships with your local media is another way to raise awareness about your company. Issue interesting press releases, offer to write a weekly column on your area of speciality or host special educational events that can be covered by local media. You’ll meet new customers and you’ll also get the press coverage that will boost your reputation and your recognition.

So make sure your brand is getting the attention it deserves. There are many ways that you can help your business to be recognised by your market and the media. It just takes a little creativity and some tenacity.

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Vincent Bissette is Managing Director of Darwin Brand Consultants, a Glasgow-based brand and marketing agency with clients in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Manchester.