Is your brand strong enough to survive in a competitive market?

Is your brand strong enough to survive in a competitive market?

In today’s competitive business environment, competition is everywhere. There are thousands of new companies launching innovative brands into the commercial marketplace every month. These new ‘kids on the block’ often have a fresh look, a new way of thinking that erodes your share of the market and takes sales directly from you. Only one company can be the leader in a particular market, only one company can be the cheapest – the others have to use the power of branding and marketing to differentiate themselves and stand out.

Branding can connect with clients on an emotional and visual level. You might not be the cheapest or have the fastest delivery but you can still make yourself stand out from the rest.

Effective and Powerful Branding

With over 25 years of working with a whole range of brands, here are my tips to ensure your brand remains brand effective and powerful:

Your marketing images should be unique so that they cannot be confused with those of any other business. The way that you write and speak to your customers should also be unique.

Every product or service needs to be shown repeatedly to clients, do not give up after one try! Remember, it can often take between 6 and 12 impressions to be remembered by a prospect.

Your marketing materials, message, logo and tagline need to be used consistently and sit well together.

Your choice of colours and symbolic images in your brand can go a long way with getting imprinted into the minds of your clients. All visuals need to be simple, clean and crisp whilst imparting their meaning and message.

It’s essential that you deliver on your promises, so whichever values you decide are right for your business, be sure that you can deliver and stand behind them.

Personality makes a big impact when it comes to standing out. Your branded materials need to be so well designed and consistently used so that your prospects know that they are coming from your company.

Be professional. Your writing needs to be proof-read, your service and the way that you treat people is very important.

Consider and adopt all my top tips and you’ll be able create a business identity that will reinforce your marketing messages, helping you to build your overall brand.

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Vincent Bissette is Managing Director of Darwin Brand Consultants, a Glasgow-based brand and marketing agency with clients in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Manchester