How the Right Type of Branding Helps You Attract More of the Right Type of Customer

How the Right Type of Branding Helps You Attract More of the Right Type of Customer

Not every client is ideal for your business. In some cases the client may have the wrong expectation of what you will deliver, and at other times, like an off-the-peg suit chosen for all the wrong reasons, they simply won’t fit your project.

Not only will mismatching prove unsatisfactory for the client, it also could damage your business when a bad review or rating comes in. Nobody wants a badly paired client speaking ill of them, and this is very likely to happen, believe me – I’ve been working in branding consultancy in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Manchester for over twenty years.

Effective, professionally put together brand marketing equips businesses with the means to deliver a consistent, controlled message to their prospects and clients. Without a conscious effort to instil your branding into every customer touch point, opportunities are lost – and along with those opportunities will go many clients who are right for you. Nobody wins.

Finding appropriate clients is a relatively logical process, when you take an objective look at the situation. Clients need to know what you offer, who it is for and what results they can expect to achieve from buying your product or using your services. Without clarity, it will be hard to fulfil the brief, build credibility and amass the essential trust that will encourage prospects to buy from you.

Sometimes a brand that is not being effective in attracting the right clients will need to be evolved to connect to the correct target market. It’s important to connect visuals to the marketing message and the offers. Your logo, website and other supporting collateral should look good and read well – a professional representative for your business.

In all, look for an aligned message, vision and a brand that is authentic. It should be a distinctive identity that demonstrates the expertise and personality of the company. Something that allows you to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Clients should know immediately if you are the right fit for them.

Define your branding image accurately and the clients almost become self-selecting: they are savvy people who will recognise professional branding. Encountering a brand that strikes the right notes and engages with them, they will know intuitively that you can help them meet their challenges and grow.

In the current economy, it’s not enough to just be an ‘also ran’ with a brand that doesn’t inspire and doesn’t connect. It’s essential to send a message in all client-facing aspects of your business that communicates the positive values of your business. As a result you’ll enjoy an increase in profits.

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