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As creative design consultants, we have extensive experience in designing the full spectrum of brand communication collateral and brand touchpoints such as; logo, stationery, brochures, leaflets, advertising, website, social media, packaging, point of sale, vehicle livery, signage, exhibition graphics, promotional videos, staff uniforms, interior graphics and promotional campaigns. The most crucial aspect of all of this is logo design, as its your logo that will appear on every piece of branded collateral that you ever produce and so, it has to be right.

What is a Logo and what is Logo Design?

Let’s get the technicalities out of the way: according to the Oxford English Dictionary, the definition of a logo is, “A symbol or other small design adopted by an organisation to identify its products, uniform, vehicles, etc.”

If we’re going to get pedantic about it, the full word is either logotype or logogram. And since the word ‘logo’ derives from the old Greek word for ‘word’, a logo should really be based on recognisable letters or words, rather than just shapes or visual symbols – so the Nike ‘Swoosh’ isn’t a logo, it’s a symbol (of wings, from Nike, the ancient Greek winged goddess of victory).

Why is a symbol important in terms of logo design?

In very simple terms, it is an element that indicates a story. In the modern world of design, symbols are very important. This is because companies and brands want recognition for what they represent, rather than who they are.

Logo Designers create symbols that tell a story. They make sure that the symbols which you are using are not just pretty objects, but also convey a concise message.

Logo design examples

Whether you call it logo design, design logo, graphic design logo or brand logo design – essentially it is all the same thing. You can see some DESIGN LOGO EXAMPLES HERE >>>.

The Perfect Logo Design

In designing logos, what is perfect for one business is probably wrong for another. Indeed, no two logos should be the same or even similar, because one of the principal purposes of a logo is to differentiate a business, product or service from the crowd and make it instantly recognisable wherever and whenever it is seen.

At Darwin we are at pains to stop clients straying into ‘me too’ territory. There’s a terrible temptation to imitate a successful rival, but all you’re doing is reminding people of your rival, and causing confusion. Originality is hard to come by, but it can be done – especially with the help of a professional logo designer – and it is worth the effort. Your logo design should be as individual as you are.

What’s the best way to create the perfect logo?

All we can say at Darwin, in answer to that all too common question, and with over thirty years’ hard-won experience behind us, is always hire the best logo designer that your budget will allow. It will ultimately pay dividends in the long run.

Darwin is a design agency unlike most, in that we also have strengths in marketing and branding. So when we interrogate a logo concept, or prepare a logo branding approach, or start working out how to design a company logo, there are certain steps that we continually go through that will help you create the perfect logo, including:

Question everything.

Mission, vision and values, USP’s, key messages, positioning and personality.

The market, the competitors, current perceptions and target audience.

Respect the brand’s heritage and don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!

You will have your own ideas of course, and that’s great, but keep an open mind.

Simplicity aids recognition!

Remember your newly created Logo design will have to easily be applied to all of your brand touchpoints!

Different Typefaces have different personalities and can give the same word a completely different feel – choose wisely!

The colours need to communicate the values of the company and resonate with its intended target audience. Colour communicates a wealth of feelings, moods, and circumstances.

Remember, even if your logo design is in fabulous full colour, it still needs to work effectively in black-and-white for different applications.

Does it achieve all you set out to?

There’s more to logo designing than designing a logo

What we will say is please always consider your logo design as part of your complete brand. Remember, your logo is not your brand. It is your signature, your sign-off and quite often your public face, and a visible manifestation of your brand. But it is not and never can be your entire corporate brand. Unless you are Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple or some other immensely wealthy corporate leviathan which has invested billions in graphic design over many years and generations.

Why do logo designs need to stand out?

Literally hundreds of carefully, cunningly crafted brand logo designs are presented to us every day, on screens, in newspapers, on packaging, on clothing and on posters. Even on radio, companies deploy their taglines and signature music or sounds as aural logos. They select particular voices, tones and inflections to suit the core logo idea and that of the brand concept.

We are now so adept at sifting through logos that the ones that register have to be really brilliant graphic designs – and the ones relevant to our personal or corporate needs. To do that effectively logos must, absolutely must, work instantly with total clarity. And that requires finesse.

The art of Logo Design

Logo design is a specialist area and should not be entrusted to just any old designer: you need a specialist logo designer who understands the technicalities and specifications of the various media you’re intending using, from online to press, small scale to large and so on. You need a logo design that can work in colour, black and white, on different surfaces and textures … all the while conveying exactly the identity and character of your company in a way that is yours and yours alone.

It’s not enough to design a company logo, you have to design a company logo that will work across many, many different pieces of collateral, most of which you will not even be aware of at this stage.

To design a great logo is much more of an art form than a science. There is personal emotion involved as well as the resolution of technical and practical necessities.

So who will design a company logo?

Well, there are many, many different logo design companies out there and many options open to you, from a freelance graphic designer, graphic design agency, creative design consultants, graphic design studio and graphic design company to a specialist brand design agency.

Whichever option you go with make sure they are a good design agency, with reliable recommendations along with flair. You can see some of our company LOGO DESIGN EXAMPLES HERE >>>.

Don’t leave your company’s logo design to chance

Company logo design should never be left to chance – you should only ever entrust it to professional logo designers. Logo designers understand the intricacies of all the elements that make a successful logo: they also know what is contemporary and what can be interpreted as traditional, retail, corporate, upmarket, downmarket and every market in between. They know many ways of achieving different visual effects and they know what’s going on locally, nationally and internationally. Employ a logo design professional and you significantly improve your prospects of creating a hard-working, unique logo.

What logo design experience does Darwin offer?

Since I graduated in Graphic Design branding way back in 1987, I have specialised in Logo design. Over the last 30 years I have honed my skills in logo design to fulfil commissions in myriad lines of business, from manufacturing to retailing, IT to IP, B2B and beyond. I have created long-lasting logos for individuals and international corporations. Brand Logos that stand the test of time and don’t date. Logos that can be used at any size and applied to every type of collateral and touch point imaginable. Brand logos that transform and rejuvenate businesses, unite all staff and make them proud to represent the brand.

Why is Logo Design so important?

In short, logo design is important because you only get one chance to make a first impression, and very often your logo is the first thing a prospect will see of you. Further down the line, a readily identifiable logo makes it easier and faster for customers to recognise your products, services and correspondence, and familiarity and efficiency are powerful tools in any business.

Logo Design that works

What makes one logo work while another simply fails to hit the mark? The answer to that question lies deep in the understanding of a company’s brand. Everything about your brand matters – from your mission, vision and values to how your products or services appear alongside competitors’. Your logo is an integral component of all that, but that’s the point – your logo really must reflect not only your company name, but your entire company brand. Otherwise there’s a disparity, and your branding is weakened.

Darwin are different from most other company logo designers in that we also have years of expertise in branding and marketing. Darwin can handle the complete package and make sure that all the elements, logo included, complement and enhance one another.

Why invest in Logo Design?

Investing in your company logo design is not a commitment to be taken lightly, as it’s not something you want to be re doing every couple of years. It is worth serious consideration because your logo can be a powerful tool in your marketing toolbox, helping build benefits in swift recognition and favourable reception in the marketplace. Create a strong brand and it’s reckoned you can add 8% or more to the prices you can charge. A good logo earns its keep.

Understanding brand logo design

When you are building a brand (and every business has one) it is crucial to understand logo design. You should know how your logo might work on your behalf in places as diverse as printed pages, vehicle sides, pencils, pitchside advertising boards, tv screens, mobile phones, stationery …you should appreciate the power and subtlety of colours, typography, proportion, scale …be prepared to work out a logo style guide that controls how your logo is used (and not used).

How to hire logo designers

To fully understand brand logo design you should really hire a logo designer and work closely with them. However, hiring the right company logo designer for you takes care. We recommend you invest some time in looking at websites and in particular case studies. Check out the standard and quality of the work, not to mention the results. Can they prove these results? Do they have testimonials from real people?

Ultimately you have to go face to face with at least a couple of business logo designers and look them in the real face, not just the typeface. Is there any chemistry between you and them? Are they and you likely to be a productive fit? Putting it bluntly, can you get on with them, express your ideas openly, let your imagination off the leash … and can you take constructive professional criticism?

There’s more than one flavour of logo designer. You have to decide whether you would rather hire a freelance graphic designer, graphic design agency, creative design consultants, graphic design studio, graphic design company or a specialist brand design agency. All have advantages to offer and all will come up with different approaches, recommendations and of course, different fee structures.

You may think that going down the freelance graphic design route may seem like the most cost effective option, but you have to weigh up the freelancer’s personal experience and back-up resources compared with mid-size graphic design studios or even larger graphic design agencies.

Whichever option you go with make sure they are a reliably good design agency with a proven track record.

Affordable logo design packages

In Logo Design, like many things in life, you tend to get what you pay for. So, before setting a budget on what you should spend on your new Logo Design, first think about what you want your new logo to achieve. Will it be used extensively, across many items and media? Is it likely to be seen by hundreds of people, or thousands, or millions? Will you need variations to accommodate different production processes, such as on-screen, traditional print and on clothing? Do as much planning as you can and consult with an expert logo designer with branding experience.

From a branding and marketing perspective, you don’t want to be changing your Logo Design every couple of years, which you will have to do if you don’t get it right, so it’s important that you hit the mark first time. As a small consultancy, Darwin has some very affordable logo design packages: we can quickly tailor bespoke logo solutions and we can go deeper into logo brand designs based on complete top-to-bottom brand audits. All will deliver value for money as well as individuality. But it’s horses for courses, and the best way to start is with a CHAT >>>

So how much will a Logo Design cost?

Well, that’s a difficult question to answer outright as it depends on which ‘league’ of agencies you’re talking about. The big, global graphic design agencies with offices in say London and New York will probably set you back on average, £1200 – £1500 per day, per person (based on an 7.5 hr day). These are the guys playing in the Premiership.

If you drop down a league (The Championship) to the local agencies then expect to pay anywhere between £450-£1000 per day per person.

If you drop down again (to League One) where you’ll be working with a freelance graphic designer and typically paying £250-£400 per day per person.

Typically, they would all cost it by first gaining an understanding of your needs, estimating how many days work they think would be required to fullfill this and then multiplying that by their daily rate.

Graphic design branding

Graphic design branding or rather Graphic design and branding are inextricably linked together, as it’s the graphic design that brings the brand to life visually and creatively. It is the discipline of graphic design that allows the branding to take place.

Creating awesome graphic design branding should always be your goal, but it’s not always as easy as it first may seem … the iconic Nike Swoosh was one of several options put before the company’s directors, who greeted it with a resounding, “Well, we don’t love it, but maybe it will grow on us.” They also had to choose quickly, for production-line reasons, so it was selected as the least-bad option and used through necessity.

The lesson is, always weigh up the logo’s function, where it will be used and viewed, and who you want to impress with it (not necessarily yourself, remember). There’s a checklist that helps measure whether a logo is up to the job – and we’ll be delighted to show you it. Meantime, for some great graphic design branding examples you can CHECK OUT OUR PORTFOLIO PAGE HERE >>>.

At Darwin we offer a complete graphic design branding service, from a thorough graphic design strategy, right through to your own custom Logo Design, business cards, letterhead and stationery, brochures, leaflets, posters, advertisements, packaging, exhibition stands, websites and social media pages.

What is the difference between a freelance graphic designer, graphic design company, graphic design agency, graphic design studio, brand design agency and creative design consultants?

Fundamentally they all offer more or less the same services, with a different emphasis and scope. There will be variances in specific skillsets and naturally in how much they will ask you to pay. Some will be particularly specialised in maximising your impact in niche markets and media, and some will be more general in their approach.

The bigger the design company or agency, the greater the overheads and the cost, but they will have more personnel to generate creativity and provide service. On the other hand, you may find your project delegated to less able junior staff when clients bigger than you stamp their feet and demand attention. Smaller design agencies are more likely to give you lots of care, and be more affordable, but they may be less able to put forward a lot of ideas.

These days you are more likely to find logo designers who fit your requirements very tightly, but overall our advice is always be clear on your goals, speak plainly about what you expect from your budget – which should be agreed before any work is done – and keep an open mind about ideas presented to you.

Is geography important when choosing a freelance graphic logo designer or graphic logo design agency?

The short answer is no, however (there’s always a but) if you only have a very small budget of say a few hundred pounds then it would be unrealistic to expect a freelance graphic designer or a graphic design agency to travel from John O’ Groats if you are based in Land’s End. Travelling expenses alone would eat up the entire Logo Design budget.

Of course, if you are planning to use primarily a web-based graphic design agency where they conduct the entire process electronically then location doesn’t matter. However, at Darwin, we never recommend such an approach. We believe it is important to meet face to face before, during and after the project to ensure we fully understand all aspects of your business and that we deliver the personal service every client deserves.

Whilst Darwin is a logo design company based in Glasgow, we service clients the length and breadth of the entire UK. For anyone looking into logo design Glasgow is a flourishing source of ideas and answers, with a vibrant and creative design scene. In graphic design Glasgow has long been admired for producing some of the finest graphic and Logo designers in the world.

Graphic Design Companies Glasgow

If you are checking out graphic design agencies glasgow offers them in all different shapes and sizes. And any time you’re searching for a design agency glasgow is always a good place to start. But which agency is the best for you?

First you must consider your needs and the range of your own demands. Say yours is a bigger business: a fully equipped, upscale graphic design house might be the answer for you, and if you choose a large graphic design studio Glasgow certainly has a rewarding selection. But if your business is an SME then it’s unlikely you will get to work with the studio’s top team of designers and account handlers.

Alternatively if you opt for a one-man or one-woman graphic designer Glasgow has more than a few great exponents … but if your choice of designer already has a roster of regular clients then it might not be possible to devote the amount of time that your project needs or deserves.

Choosing Glasgow Creative Agencies so good you’ll want to sit down

Glasgow design agencies are renowned for their creative abilities and for being cost effective, in particular in comparison with similar sized creative design consultants elsewhere in the UK. There is quantity as well as quality, though: when it comes to hiring a creative agency Glasgow more than likely has the right fit for you, but it’s not an easy choice to make as there are so many to choose from.

To make life easier and more interesting, we, as an established Glasgow design agency, recommend sitting down together to see whether the chemistry is right and our ways of working are compatible. One short meeting can confirm if we can between us create something great that helps your business fulfil its potential.

If you’ve just typed graphic designer Scotland into your search engine, then maybe you’ve just found what you’re looking for. Well, you’ve found us anyway. Rest assured, we are the real deal: experts in graphic design Scotland – and all our clients – can be proud of.