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When Is It Time to Rebrand Your Business?

Darwin Brand Consultants provides advice about strategic branding and the most effective time to rebrand. A brand audit is essential as well as a critical review of the marketing strategy.

Most companies know their own business but sometimes it is possible to be so involved in the nuts and bolts of it that they forget how they look from the outside.

Most companies simply do not know when the time is right to rebrand. They may suspect that something is not quite right about they way they are being perceived by their customers or prospects but many companies cannot be totally sure exactly what it is.

Before deciding whether to rebrand or not, you first need to know your direction of travel. Where is your business heading and where do you want to be? Before you make a move to rebrand, though, you need a complete understanding of where and how your business is positioned.

Whether your business is in Glasgow, Edinburgh or Manchester and whatever sector you are in, the first step is conducting a brand audit by professional brand consultants. This will give you a clear overview of your current strategy; your mission; your vision and your values; all of which are crucial when building a brand. Capturing your target markets and establishing a corporate culture, competitive advantages, strengths and weaknesses, marketing strategies and challenges for the future will allow you to plan ahead.

At this point you should also research your customers and prospects. The more you understand them, their wants, needs and desires, the clearer and more accurate you can make any communication with them.

What you are looking for at this stage is not just what you are doing well, but what you are not doing so well. This is the bit that you really need to know about.

You have to look at your ‘touch points’: any time your company interacts with the outside world is an opportunity to make a good impression and build your brand, awareness, image and profile. However, it can, and frequently does, achieve the opposite.

It is hard for business owners to identify exactly what they are communicating across all their ‘touch points’ with their clients, prospects, peers or even the media so you have to adopt a detached and objective approach, which, for many business owners, is a very hard thing to do. As leaders in brand consultancy, we are able to take an objective approach by advising you what you need to do.

By defining your market positioning, key messages and unique selling propositions, you need to assess if these are currently being clearly communicated. Then assess your competitive landscape – what’s your competition up to?

Only by doing this can you establish if your brand is communicating the right message and where improvement is needed, if at all. The audit will clearly show if a rebrand or a refresh is needed.

The importance of delivering a consistent and clear brand identity and communications cannot be overlooked. It can also have enormous benefits internally. If your staff feel part of a coherent team, with a unified look and feel, it will contribute to a professional working environment from which your customers will ultimately benefit.

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