8 Effective Ways To Generate More Profit through More Impactful Branding

8 Effective Ways To Generate More Profit through More Impactful Branding

The ultimate goal of any business is to increase profits. One way to do this is to generate more sales. Sometimes businesses depend on one or two sources of leads, however this can quite often put them in a dangerous position by becoming over-dependent on a limited number of sources. Inevitably one or more sources will dry up and then replacements must be found, quickly: all that leads to is stress, inefficiency and downtime.

Many businesses just don’t know where to start to find more sources of leads.  Yet, just like in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, the answers are easy … when you know them. From twenty years’ experience as Branding Consultants in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Manchester, the team at Darwin has learned a thing or two – or eight – about how to generate leads.

Read on for our top eight approaches for driving more leads. They work well for most types of business:

1. Build awareness. It’s unreasonable to expect a potential customer to give you business when they’ve never heard of you. You’re a total stranger. When people are aware of your business and – at the very least – your name, it makes them more amenable to approaching you or listening to you. So get your name and your tagline out there, and we mean everywhere: from the signage outside your business property, and the livery on your vehicles to your website and supporting collateral. It’s all part of your brand image. Customers and prospects should know exactly what you do and what you offer as soon as they set eyes on it.

2. Make sure your brand identity represents your values. Your brand image and identity are what sets you apart. Your brand should be distinctive, memorable and above all make you stand out in a positive way. It should communicate who you are, what you do and your market positioning. Preferably memorably and all in a single glance.

3. Add calls-to-action. It’s not enough to tell everyone what a unique service, product or offer you have. You then have to tell potential customers exactly what to do next, or they’ll drift off, get distracted and do something else. Do not assume they’ll know what to do – tell them straight and then they will definitely understand. Calls-to-action guide your prospects and give them clear direction on what to do next. For example, ‘Buy Now’, ‘Subscribe to Our Newsletter’, and ‘Pay Here’ all help to influence your prospects to take action.

4. Use email marketing to create great ROI. Email marketing brings great returns, sometimes £40 for every £1 you spend. Stay in touch with your customers and prospects so that you stay in their minds for their next buy, next project and next pitch.

5. Be consistent. Make sure your communication and brand collateral is consistent in message, style, tone of voice, colour, look and feel. It should be immediately apparent to customers and prospects with every touch point you have with them that it is unmistakeably you.

6. Form alliances with other businesses. Forming alliances with other companies with the same target audience but with complementary products and services can deliver great results.

7. Give samples. Customers love to know exactly what they are buying, if you can give them a sample, they’ll feel a lot more comfortable and trusting – and trust sells. Trust Darwin, we know from experience.

8. Use the influence of family and friends. They can be an excellent source of referrals, so ensure that they know what you do and understand it well enough to explain it to others.

These eight approaches can fill your sales funnel. There are of course many, many more, but these can get you started. Ideally your business will have eight different lead-generating methods in place and eight times the prospect of building a more powerful brand and boosting business, short term and long term alike.

For more information, contact Vincent Bissette at; vincent@darwinbrandconsultants.com.