5 Ways to Lower Costs, Raise Awareness of Your Company and Increase Profits

5 Ways to Lower Costs, Raise Awareness of Your Company and Increase Profits

Raising your company’s awareness can put you in front of more prospects who are ready to buy. The more people who know about you and what you offer, the better your chances of success. Better still, do it the right way and you may not even need to pay out for costly advertising space: the web provides many methods to promote a business that have no cost associated with them, other than time.

Drawing on twenty years’ expertise as a Branding Consultancy in Glasgow, Manchester and Edinburgh, Darwin have compiled numerous low-cost ways that can help you boost customers’ awareness of your business. Here are five of Darwin’s most effective solutions to the eternal question of how to increase in profits and gain a larger customer base:

1.   Start a blog. The power of blogging is really unleashed when you start blogging for other people in addition to running your own blog. You can benefit from the contacts and followers that other website owners have built up. Ideally you would write for people who offer complementary products and/or services. It’s important to blog about issues that your target market face and how they can solve them.  Elevate their opinion of you by detailing how you can help them and the benefits of using the approach that your service or product delivers. By being smart with your words, you don’t have to directly promote your offerings but you can make it clear in a more subtle way. Include a link back to your own site. Whenever you write a post, be sure to share them in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and any relevant content sharing sites such as BizSugar and StumbleUpon.

2.  Set up a Facebook page. Not everybody believes that Facebook is for them. However, with so many users on it of every age, income bracket and geography, it has to be well worth considering your place on this social site.  Look to other pages that engage and interact successfully with their connections to discover best practices. In Darwin’s Brand Image book, your brand-building campaign isn’t complete without Facebook

3.  Promote your business on Twitter. There are millions of users on Twitter. If you promote your business locally then you’ll need to look for other people in your area using the internal Twitter search engine. In addition look for your competition and follow their followers. They will notice you and could well follow you back. Tweet interesting content and images and that will build your coverage and fan base. Time saving tip: Twitter can be time consuming: if you have an iPad or iPhone it’s easy to set up accounts on Twitter to use at home in the evenings or before work.

4.  Establish yourself on LinkedIn. There are some excellent groups on LinkedIn with many prospects available to you. It’s also a great way to build your contacts and connections. People are more likely to use a business if you are connected to a friend of theirs than if you are not. Make yourself useful and valuable in groups and then invite the members to connect to you using the fact that you are in the same group as a reason to connect.

5.  Get onto YouTube, build credibility. Online video has really taken off since internet speeds have increased. Create a set of videos that introduce your business, products and/or service and upload them. You can then use your social media networks to share your videos. A powerful and effective way to give your business credibility is to ask happy clients to create a video testimony for your business, detailing the results that you enabled for them.

Take advantage of these approaches on a regular basis, and you will build greater awareness of your business, which will result in new clients and increased profits. Be sure to use your branding consistently throughout your social media accounts and for your communications. That way, you are in control: you are your own brand agency, driving a comprehensive, modern route to improved results.

For more information, contact Vincent Bissette at; vincent@darwinbrandconsultants.com.